Saturday, June 25, 2011

Captain America Cupcakes

OCCASION: Birthday
FLAVOR: Vanilla

I made these cupcakes today for my friend Nick, who is celebrating his 19th birthday. Nick and his dad LOVE Captain America and have a whole collection of comics/action figures/etc. They were super siked to see these, and it was really fun to make a design that was simple but iconic.

University of Maryland Graduation Cake

OCCASION: Graduation
FLAVOR: Vanilla and Chocolate

I made this cake for my college friend Nick's older sister, who just graduated from the University of Maryland in May. Nick allowed me to design the cake myself, and his sister and mother chose this design from a list of options. I always love getting to go crazy with a cake! I really enjoyed making this, and hopefully I'll be making one for myself in 3 years!

Magic Hat Number 9-Butterbeer Cupcakes

OCCASION: Birthday
FLAVOR: Butterbeer

In honor of the last few weeks of the Harry Potter era (don't get me started--I cry about it often), I made these butterbeer cupcakes. Well, actually, they were for my brother Thomas, who just celebrated his 24th birthday. I made the logo for one of his favorite beers, Magic Hat Number 9, and decided I had to have a flavor to match. As I am not 21, I couldn't buy real beer for it, and I'm sure that wouldn't taste so great. Instead, I did my own variation of a butterbeer cupcake recipe I found on a blog a few months ago. I decided rather than copy the recipe, I would make up my own. They were essentially brown sugar cupcakes with a butterscotch filling. The results were delicious, and I went out of my way to deliver the extras to friends so I wouldn't eat them all.

Fast Food Cake

OCCASION: Birthday
FLAVOR: Grasshopper: Chocolate Cake with a Chocolate Peppermint Icing

So we all remember the Grumble Meter from last summer. This summer, I decided to reward Dillon with a cake that reflected his primary interest: food. Dillon and I frequently go on what we call "Late Night Fast Food Runs"--LNFFRs for short, which involves us driving around our suburban town and only sometimes involves us actually purchasing anything from a fast food restaurant. I knew Dillon was the perfect friend when he told me we could get fries from McDonalds and frosties from Wendy's. So this cake combines those two bests with my favorite thing, cake! The Wendy's cup was made out of cereal treats (a first for me) and the ketchup is red candy. I used sugar for salt and a thick icing tip for the ice cream. This was an all day event, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. My friend Mollie, who calls me Mmmeliacakes more often than my regular name, helped me out on this one, so it was definitely made with a lot of love!

Sand Cupcakes

OCCASION: Birthday
FLAVOR: Chocolate Cupcakes filled with Chocolate Pudding and topped with a Brown Sugar and Graham Cracker topping

For my best friend Julie's birthday, we surprised her with a beach day trip, something she always wanted to do. We dragged her out of bed at 9 in the morning (on one of the first days of summer, even) and drove her to Ocean City. We spent the day on the beach and boardwalk and devoured these on the way home!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cupcakes, Cupcakes, and More Cupcakes

Here's what you missed while I was away at school: a TON of cupcakes--500 to be exact. The Robert H. Smith School of Business at UMD hosts an event called Terp Marketplace through the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship. Aspiring new en-TERP-preneurs sell their stuff for students and faculty. My first try, I sold out in 3 hours--my second try, I sold out in less than two. I guess College Park just really has latched on to the cupcake craze. I'm uploading all the photos so you don't miss out on all the flavors!

Dirt Cup: Oreo Cupcakes filled with chocolate pudding
Pink Lemonade: pink lemonade Kool-Aid flavor
Fear The Turtle Vanilla Cupcakes
Cookie Dough: chocolate chip cookie yellow cake w/ brown sugar icing
Blueberry: Real blueberries topped with blueberry PopTart
S'more: chocolate cake w/ graham cracker crust & marshmallow icing

Sunday, May 15, 2011

To My Loyal Followers...

I thought I would update all 179 of you on the current goings-on in my life. I have made a few cakes over the past year (not enough), but I DID start a cupcake delivery service at the University of Maryland for students, parents, faculty, and fans. It's launching in the fall and being run out of the College Park Volunteer Fire Department. So while I haven't been doing cake creations, I've made 500 cupcakes this year in a ton of flavors, and that's been pretty exciting!

But this summer, it's back to business for Mmmeliacakes, so get those orders in! I'd love to hear from you. I especially want to try out new and crazier cake designs, so be sure to recommend me to everyone you know--it'd be a shame to go back to school and not have made a plethora of cakes!