Saturday, June 25, 2011

Magic Hat Number 9-Butterbeer Cupcakes

OCCASION: Birthday
FLAVOR: Butterbeer

In honor of the last few weeks of the Harry Potter era (don't get me started--I cry about it often), I made these butterbeer cupcakes. Well, actually, they were for my brother Thomas, who just celebrated his 24th birthday. I made the logo for one of his favorite beers, Magic Hat Number 9, and decided I had to have a flavor to match. As I am not 21, I couldn't buy real beer for it, and I'm sure that wouldn't taste so great. Instead, I did my own variation of a butterbeer cupcake recipe I found on a blog a few months ago. I decided rather than copy the recipe, I would make up my own. They were essentially brown sugar cupcakes with a butterscotch filling. The results were delicious, and I went out of my way to deliver the extras to friends so I wouldn't eat them all.

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