Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fast Food Cake

OCCASION: Birthday
FLAVOR: Grasshopper: Chocolate Cake with a Chocolate Peppermint Icing

So we all remember the Grumble Meter from last summer. This summer, I decided to reward Dillon with a cake that reflected his primary interest: food. Dillon and I frequently go on what we call "Late Night Fast Food Runs"--LNFFRs for short, which involves us driving around our suburban town and only sometimes involves us actually purchasing anything from a fast food restaurant. I knew Dillon was the perfect friend when he told me we could get fries from McDonalds and frosties from Wendy's. So this cake combines those two bests with my favorite thing, cake! The Wendy's cup was made out of cereal treats (a first for me) and the ketchup is red candy. I used sugar for salt and a thick icing tip for the ice cream. This was an all day event, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. My friend Mollie, who calls me Mmmeliacakes more often than my regular name, helped me out on this one, so it was definitely made with a lot of love!

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