Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

OCCASION: Bridal Shower
FLAVOR: Funfetti

I made these mini cupcakes for a wedding shower in my neighborhood. Each flower uses a different tip. I'm new to icing roses, but they were really fun to play around with.

Maryland Terp Cake

OCCASION: Birthday
FLAVOR: Funfetti

My friend Maya recently started college at the University of Maryland. Her parents hired me to make a cake that they could bring up to her at school. This cake is based off of the UMD logo.

Beach Cake

OCCASION: Going-Away Party
FLAVOR: Vanilla Cake with Caramel Filling

My friend Alana was celebrating her going-away to college (in California) with a beach themed party. I used brown sugar for sand and fondant for all of the other decorations. For the bottom cake, I used a new cake pan that creates a heart-shaped cavity in the middle for fillings. We chose to fill the cake with a caramel icing mixture.

Topsy Turvy Cake

OCCASION: Birthday
FLAVOR: Yellow

So all last year, I promised my friend Ellen I would bake her a belated birthday cake to make up for missing her birthday over the summer. Well, a full year later, and her birthday was on the day she started college. So I realized that not only did I have to make up for last year's lack of cake, I had to make one for this year's birthday as well. I decided no one cake would do, so I combined her love of fashion and color to make a crazy, topsy turvy cake. The cake is three tiers tall and slanted each way so that it is still level at the top. I've seen these on TV all the time, and it was fun to try making one myself!

Lacrosse Cake 2

OCCASION: Lacrosse Team Party
FLAVOR: Chocolate

I was hired to make this cake by an Internet follower. The stick of the lacrosse is shiny because I used special silver shimmer powder on it. The only side effect of this was that I looked sort of like the Tin Man once I finished the cake. This is similar in style to my previous lacrosse cake, with a substitution of frosting instead of fondant for the strings to make it tastier as well as neater.

Club Penguin Cake

OCCASION: Birthday

So my friend, Chelsea, LOVES penguins. I decided to model her birthday cake after the cartoon images from the website/game Club Penguin. The pink sunglasses are an inside joke--I always keep a pair of neon pink sunglasses in my car for my passenger to wear while I drive.