Sunday, May 15, 2011

To My Loyal Followers...

I thought I would update all 179 of you on the current goings-on in my life. I have made a few cakes over the past year (not enough), but I DID start a cupcake delivery service at the University of Maryland for students, parents, faculty, and fans. It's launching in the fall and being run out of the College Park Volunteer Fire Department. So while I haven't been doing cake creations, I've made 500 cupcakes this year in a ton of flavors, and that's been pretty exciting!

But this summer, it's back to business for Mmmeliacakes, so get those orders in! I'd love to hear from you. I especially want to try out new and crazier cake designs, so be sure to recommend me to everyone you know--it'd be a shame to go back to school and not have made a plethora of cakes!



  1. Do you deliver only on campus? I have a friend who lives on Fort Meade. Depending on which is the main campus, you might only be 30 minutes from her by car. I'd pay extra on delivery.

    Oh, but I'd want them delivered in June, and the semester might be over by then.

  2. No! During the school year, I will be using College Park Cupcakes to keep myself baking. That service will deliver on-campus only. However, during the summer, I will be operating through Mmmeliacakes, which delivers anywhere in the Maryland, Virginia, or D.C. region. Just let me know what you want and when via email at

  3. I usually take my silver cake boards and wrap them with either basket wrap or wrapping paper then basket wrap. I couldn't resist this wrap when I found it.