Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Homework Evidence Cake

OCCASION: Threadcakes Contest
FLAVOR: Yellow

NOTE: This entry cannot be possible without a plethora of links. Bear with me.

So at 4 PM on August 3, I found out about the Threadcakes cake contest via CakeWrecks. The contest deadline was midnight the same evening, and, being a lazy teenager in the summer, I decided to go for it. The contest was to interpret a Threadless t-shirt design into a cake. I decided (in my almost insane mind) that I would make TWO cakes, this being one of them. It's based off this tee. I covered the dog-shaped cake in black fondant and used dark blue and white fondant to replicate the shapes. For the x-ray lines, I used thin lines of light blue icing. These cakes were definitely a challenge: with less than ten hours to make two cakes, get ingredients, and feed myself like a healthy person, I had to work fast. Luckily, I had a few friends over for moral support/photography--the entire cake process had to be photographed for authenticity. This was a really fun experimental cake!


  1. TWO cakes, one day?! And to beautiful cakes!!! Wow!

    This is my first comment on your blog, I came from Cake Wrecks, and since then, I add your blog on my RSS reader. It was a long time I didn't see any cake of yours, but I'm realllly please with your 3 new ones! I wish I had your knowledge and talent to do wonderful cakes like theses! Congratulation! ^_^

  2. Two cakes in a row? Good luck! I would have had a difficult time just making one regular sheet cake with nothing special done with decorations. These are both really great cakes, though, and I hope that you win! Or, you know . . . at least get recognized or something, because I know there are a ton of entries.

    Congrats :D