Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Apple Shaving Accident Cake

OCCASION: Threadcakes Contest
FLAVOR: Yellow

This is the first of my two entries into the Threadcakes contest (refer to the description above.) It's based off of this tee. I layered a small square of fondant where the "peel" would be so that it could peel back and look as if it were actually peeling off a layer of cake. The sugar-stubble was rolled into the fondant prior to covering the cake. The longer "furs" of the apple were made out of thin lines of icing. I really enjoyed making this one :)


  1. Great work! It is so awesome to watch your work progress as you keep posting.

    Duff better look out..there is another Ace of Cakes in the making!!

  2. Hi! I saw your cake on the Threadcakes contest and wanted to see if I could look at more of your work. Totally awesome! I am a baker myself, but my thing is cakes and brownies baked in jars. You can check out my etsy shop -- emilysedibles.etsy.com

    I am trying to plan out selling at some farmers markets or having bakeries hand out my samples somehow. I am new to the game, and just moved to a new city (Atlanta). Are you 17 (as your friend is)? Pretty cool you can already do all this! Best of luck!