Friday, May 15, 2009

Hangman Cupcakes

FLAVOR: Pink Lemonade

I made this cake for some of my friends after an inside joke we had about hangman. I made one of each letter so that everyone in our class could (try) to play a real game with it. This would have worked, except people kept eating the letters! Still, I like the idea of having interactive cupcakes.


  1. This one is really cool! I totally love this idea. Very original, might I add :)

    And when you say the flavor is 'Pink Lemonade', is it the frosting or the cake itself?

  2. Hey, Gina's aunt here, Aunt Debbi, cool for you, good luck and keep making creative cakes!!!!

  3. Aleesuhn--
    "pink lemonade" in this case refers to both the cake and the icing. For the cake, I substituted pink lemonade for the water/wet ingredients. For the icing, I added pink lemonade Kool-Aid to a traditional vanilla. This is my favorite recipe to make!

  4. Wow, that is cool! I never would have thought of using Pink Lemonade instead of water :)

  5. Is this a real game? Or just the design? If a real game, what would have been the winning phrase?