Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fightin' Blue Hens Cake

OCCASION: Graduation
FLAVOR: Strawberry

I made this cake for another graduate from my school, my friend Nicole. She'll be attending University of Delaware in the fall, so this cake is the fighting hen, Delaware's mascot!


  1. This is awesome!! You should post a picture of the Fighting Hen you designed this from as well. Since I'm from Ohio, I have no idea what the Fighting Hens look like!

  2. Thanks for your advice! I added in a pic for you to see :)

  3. Thanks so much! The cake looks just like it :) Great job!!

    If I lived closer to you, I would ask for you to make a cake for me. . . alas, I live in Cleveland. I don't think that would work too well :-P

  4. I found your site through cakewrecks (the Taboo cake rocks!) and am mesmerized by your self-taught fondant work! I am a Fighting Blue Hen/UD alum and I knew immediately when I saw your latest post what it was. :)

    Keep it up, your work is truly amazing.

  5. i ate some of that cake! it was so good :)